NIEA Spring 2021 Global Free Lunch & Learn (Virtual Event)

If you missed our free Global Virtual Event for Faculty and Staff to explore ways to internationalize your campus through our week-long lunch and learn event, you are in luck, as all of the sessions were recorded and hosted here through the generous support of our presenters and the University of Washington Center for Global Studies.

Enclosed are the links to the five presentations:

Monday: NIEA Mini Grants with Michael Huffman, Jenn Ritchey, Usha Tamanujam, Diane Johnson and Nancy Anderson

Tuesday: Study Abroad 101-An overview of options with Emily Schifferling

Wednesday: Global Virtual Exchange with Jenn Ritchey

Thursday: International Scholars and Students: How to bring the world to your campus using the J-1 visa with Susan J. Taylor and Sarah Pearson

Friday: Sustainable Internationalization with Dr. Allison Blizzard

We look forward to being in-person for our 2022 NIEA Workshop, but if you liked our Lunch and Learn event please let us know through our Contact ( page as we always like hearing what works well for our members!

NIEA Fall Workshop

Every year, NIEA sponsors a one-day conference for college faculty, staff and students to learn about current global issues and world events. The theme of the conference builds on the yearly theme of the Community College Master Teacher Institute with world-renowned researchers, discipline-specific experts and community leaders presenting. 

Register for the 2019 NIEA Fall Workshop

The 2019 NIEA Fall Workshop will take place at Pierce College (Lakewood, WA) on Friday, October 25 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The theme for this year’s conference will be Truth or Consequences: A Quest for Information Literacy in a Global Context.

Past themes have included​ 
  • 2015 – Human Migration and Refugees: Peril and Hope
  • 2016 – Global Tourism
  • 2017 – Global Human Security: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
  • 2018 – Global Populism: At Home and Abroad


NIEA partners with the University of Washington’s Center for Global Studies to provide a two-day annual summer institute for community college faculty. The goal of the institute is to increase capacity for college faculty to internationalize curriculum in order to help college students expand their knowledge and understanding of the world and global issues.​

Past themes have included
  • 2014 – Global Development and changing Gender Roles
  • 2015 – Human Migration and Refugees: Peril and Hope
  • 2016 – Global Tourism: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
  • 2017 – Global Human Security
  • 2018 – Global Populism
  • 2019 – Information Literacy
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