For more than 25 years, NIEA has awarded mini-grants for projects to internationalize curriculum. Awards range from $500 to $1,250, depending on the extent of curricular development. Juried awards are made in the spring of each year.

NIEA’s mini-grant program has benefited hundreds of faculty and students in the region. Abstracts of projects and course materials are available to the NIEA membership. The deadline to apply for 2022 mini-grants is May 31 at midnight. Applications must be submitted using the link below. 


Anna Booker

History Professor

Whatcom Community College

World History I


Darcie Donegan

ED/ECE Adjunct Professor

Whatcom Community College

Parenting Around the World

$750 (2016-2017)

Ritu Lauer

Chair, Social Science Division

Peninsula College

Comparative Government

$1,250 (2016-2017)

Yi Li

History Professor

Tacoma Community College

World Civilizations II

$950 (2016-2017)

Preston Kiekel, PhD

Associate Professor

Centralia College

Math in Society

$950 (2017)

Usha Ramanujam

Financial Account II

Cash Management and Culture

$500 (2020-2021)

Mike Vanquickenbord

Everett Community College

Bin Zhang, PhD

Professor of Communication Studies

South Puget Sound Community College

Intercultural Communication: Globalization Studies

$750 (2016-2017)

Kristina Young

Tacoma Community College

Clinton Smith

Lane Community College

Shannon Newman

Pierce College

Anita Harker

Whatcom Community College

Peter Gramlich

Portland Community College

Rachel Siegel

Portland Community College

2014 Mini-grant Recipients

Michael Huffman ($950)

Tacoma Community College

Katrina Prince ($750)

South Puget Sound CC

McMahon ($750)

Spokane Falls CC

Morgan ($500)

Spokane Community College

2013 Mini-grant Recipients

Jennifer Day

Spokane Community College

Gerry Large

Whatcom Community College

Christina Fusch

Everett Community College

Stacy Kowtko

Spokane Community College

2012 Mini-grant Recipients

Leitich ($750)

Haag ($750)

Swan ($750)

Bard ($950)

Sakura ($1200)

2011 Mini-grant Recipients




Helpful Information 

Each year the NIEA offers a competitive mini-grant process in which faculty at member institutions, both adjunct and full time, can propose an entirely new course, a new unit for an existing course, a substantial revision of an existing unit to make it more globalized, or a replicable international experience that enhances global knowledge at their institution. Grants are given after the faculty member demonstrates that he or she has taught the new or modified course/unit or conducted the activity. 

Grant amounts are typically as follows:​ 

  • Developing an entirely new course that is global in focus: $1,500.00 
  • Substantially revising an existing course to make it more global: $1,250.00 
  • Creating a new unit for an existing course that is global in focus: $900.00 
  • Creating a replicable international activity: $500.00 

Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

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